The Ski Town of Rhodes in the Southern Malutis will come alive from the 2 – 4 September as 300 extreme enduro riders who think they are TUFF take on a 3 day challenge of note. It is a race, and not for the faint-hearted…

Red Cherry Events, the event organizers are world-renowned in staging some of the maddest and badest extreme enduro events from Roof of Africa, Inner City Enduro (ICE), Sea to Sea and Sea to Ski Red Cherry 400 and have also entertained Prince William and Harry on an epic dirt bike journey through South Africa.


An Epic Last Man Standing event

The market has been calling for Red Cherry Events to stage a race with big prize money and something that if completed will immediately position you as an extreme Pro Enduro rider.

“What we are hoping to see, is the country’s best riders. Pros and Amateurs alike, battle it out for 3 days.” – Mike Glover, Race Director.

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Enough said, lets introduce
Red Cherry TUFF

Race Format

Day 1 starts with a Prologue of 10 km and determines your start position for Hobby Class. The Hobby Class will start at 11 am and there is no cut off. Its a route where we expect a 100% finish rate

Day 2 will see you promted to an ELITE rider and 40km in 4 hours is the task at hand. For those that complete the morning challenge in time you then become an EXPERT rider and you line up at 12noon for a 12.15 start. To become a PRO you need to finish in the top 30 EXPERT riders and qualify as a Pro for ICE.
It’s a TUFF 30km section.

Day 3 will see the PRO riders tackle an Inner City Enduro elimination style course…

All of those riders eliminated are still able to participate in the INNER CITY ENDURO Support Class on Saturday morning. Should you sih to stay off the bike you also gain access to spectate.

 The top 6 in the Pro class will work away with all their costs refunded* as well as their share of R60 000 in prize money.

There should be very few DNF’s and where you finish in either the Hobby, Elite, Expert or Pro class will determine your final position. You have to finish the respective class to be classified as a finisher in that class.

Packages available

How the classes will work

Hover over the image,
scroll through with the arrows on the side and
see how each day’s classes will work. 


What if i finish Day 1 but don't finish day 2?

If you fail to Finish in Expert then you will be classified as a finisher in Hobby and that will be based on your Hobby Class Finish position from the day before.

Once you finish the Expert class then you will no longer score on the finish results for the hobby class. The same applies to the Pro and Elite class.

Who else can join?

Each rider gets access to bring 5 x crew members along, these are crew and will be there to support you as you #DiscoverTuff.

Where will the village be?

The village will be located at the Rubicon Guest House in Rhodes. The start-finish chute will be the same for each day. 

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